7 Things You Can Expect On Your First Antelope Hunt

The American pronghorn is a completely unique species, found only in North America. They’re not related to African antelope, or any American cervids like deer or elk. In fact, “antelope” as we refer to them colloquially, are the only horned animal that sheds its horns annually. This one-of-a-kind creature is fast, has excellent vision, and

Guided Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

When you think of mule deer, several western states come to mind. Each has its own unique qualities for a mule deer hunt. In Wyoming, big resident deer and migratory groups are present in excellent numbers. While Wyoming has plenty of productive public land, some of the best range lies on big tracts of private

Elk Calling Strategies in Wyoming

By Zach Lazzari Elk season is coming and it’s time to hone in calling techniques while strategizing for the hunts ahead. Here at Table Mountain Outfitters, we have the benefit of hunting unpressured elk that can respond to a variety of calling strategies during archery and even rifle season. For our hunters and guides, it

2019 Antelope

Wyoming deer and antelope hunts are coming soon. If you drew a tag this year, congratulations! We are looking forward to living THE LIFE with you this season in Wyoming. Now that draw results are official, hunters can gear up and start preparing for the trip. Bow hunts are not far off and rifle follows

Purchase Wyoming Preference Points

It’s time to purchase Wyoming preference points! Points for all species are on sale from July 1st through November 1st. Any points you purchase this year can be used in the 2022 application draw or beyond. Don’t wait. Pick up a point each for elk, deer and antelope and set yourself set up for great

From Harvest To Taxidermist How To Manage Your Trophy

By Zach Lazzari Our hunters here at Table Mountain Outfitters enjoy high success rates, and many will want to preserve the memories of their adventure with a shoulder mount or other taxidermy. If you are considering a mount, do some advance planning to help make sure you get what you were hoping for and a

Guided Wyoming Elk Hunt

By Zach Lazzari Choosing a great big game backpack for your hunt means all of your gear is organized and accessible in the field. Hunting in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters means you have great lodging each night and a full overnight style pack is not necessary. Blind Hunts The blinds are set and nor

5 Tips For Better Marksmanship

By Zach Lazzari Too many hunters sight in their rifles just before the season and head straight into the field. Shooting on a regular schedule and practicing in real hunting scenarios is essential for building a reliable skill set. Training at the range and in the field will make you a better marksman and a

Prepare for a Wyoming Antelope Hunt

The weather in Wyoming changes by the minute. And chasing antelope in open country means you are often exposed to the worst. Heat, wind, cold, rain, snow and sleet are all in the cards. On many days, the weather is downright pleasant in Wyoming’s antelope country. But planning for everything can save your hide when

A Better Ground Blind Hunt 5 Tips For Success

By Zach Lazzari Our guided bow hunts for antelope and mule deer are highly successful, thanks in large part to strategically placed ground blinds. Archery hunters have near perfect success rates and 100-percent opportunity from blind locations that are busy with game. Show up ready to shoot with confidence. Here are a few tips to