Wyoming Preference Points and Hunting Licenses

Now is the time to purchase your Wyoming preference points. Points for all species are on sale from now through November 2nd. Any points you purchase now can be used in the 2021 application draw. Or you can begin to build your points in your account for future hunts. Don’t wait. Pick up a point

Tips To Prepare And Cook Mouthwatering Antelope Meals

By Zach Lazzari | Photos by Ryan McSparran Antelope meat gets mixed reviews from hunters. It’s a difficult thing for me to understand personally, because I can’t get enough of antelope. The pronghorn by nature is designed to run and they have a lean and strong build. Improper care can leave any wild animal with

2019 Antelope

The Wyoming antelope and mule deer draw results have hunters excited for the big game season in Wyoming. If you drew a tag this year, congratulations! We are looking forward to living THE LIFE with you this year. Now that draw results have been announced, hunters can gear up and start preparing for the trip.

Cow Elk Hunts

We’re excited to announce a brand new hunting opportunity. We will be offering limited cow elk hunts this fall out of our bunkhouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming! This is the very first time we’ve offered this hunt. In order to manage a certain population of elk, we’re opening limited spots for a guided cow elk hunt

By Zach Lazzari Travel to Wyoming during hunting season, and you might experience every climate imaginable. Hot sun, heat and dry weather can coincide with blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. You just never know what to expect. Each species also comes with its own set of hurdles that should influence the contents in your pack. Prepare

Preparing For A Table Mountain Archery Hunt

By Zach Lazzari Archery hunters with Table Mountain Outfitters enjoy exceptional opportunity rates with 90-100% opportunity for antelope, mule deer and elk. Each species is a little bit different and archery hunters should prepare for some specific scenarios. Clothing, equipment and shooting abilities all play into preparing for a successful hunt. Hunting from a Blind

Last Call: Antelope Applications Are Due June 1st

This is it! Last call for those who want to live THE LIFE with us this fall in Wyoming. Most of our fall hunts are already sold out. We have openings left for some exciting spot-and-stalk rifle antelope hunts. But we must apply for your license before June 1st! Here are a few things to

Try These At Home Exercises To Prepare For A Wyoming Hunt

By Zach Lazzari The gyms are closed and in many areas, trailheads, parks and outdoor spaces that are great training grounds for hunters are also closed. Luckily, you really don’t need much to create a great workout routine. While a home gym is nice, bodyweight workouts and simple training exercises are extremely effective. Here are

5 Tips For Better Marksmanship

By Zach Lazzari Too many hunters sight in their rifles just before the season and head straight into the field. Shooting on a regular schedule and practicing in real hunting scenarios is essential for building a reliable skill set. Training at the range and in the field will make you a better marksman and a

Wyoming Application Deadline

The Wyoming Deer and Antelope application deadline is May 31st. If you have hopes of hunting Wyoming this year, it’s time to plan your trip! Contact us now or give us a call at 307-632-6352. Deer and antelope licenses in Wyoming are available through the draw and hunters must apply by the May 31st deadline.