Antelope 2020

By Zach Lazzari Hunters don’t need a pile of shooting accessories. But a few handy items can make a difference in the field. Gear is no replacement for skill. And learning to shoot from a variety of positions is important. Practice with and without your rifle bipods and accessories to prepare for every possible scenario.

Mule Deer Hunt With Table Mountain Outfitters

By Zach Lazzari At Table Mountain Outfitters, hunters enjoy a unique mule deer hunting experience. We are fortunate to lease some of Wyoming’s vast private-land ranches, where quality habitat, combined with exclusive access, and unpressured mule deer, create an incredible hunting experience. But while having private access to unpressured areas is an advantage, hunting mature

4 Things You Should Know About Idaho Spring Bear Hunts

  Idaho black bear hunts provide the ultimate in spring bear hunting excitement. With the opportunity to hunt bears with hounds in the mornings and then watch silently near bait in the evenings, it’s the best of both worlds. These two experiences are ceratinly different. And that’s part of what makes this hunt so much

Apply Now For A 2020 Wyoming Deer Or Antelope Hunt

The application window for 2021 deer and antelope hunts in Wyoming is now open and we are almost completely booked!!  What does that mean for you? It means you need to act quickly if you want to Come live THE LIFE with us in Wyoming this fall! WHERE TO BEGIN? First, you need to book with

Hunting Elk in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters

The application window for a Wyoming elk license runs from January 4th to January 31st. That’s not a big window, so it’s time to get started! Here’s what you need to know, in order to hunt elk in Wyoming in 2021 or beyond… Why Book with Table Mountain Outfitters to Hunt Elk in Wyoming? It’s one

Make The Most Of Your Harvest With These Great Recipe Resources

By Zach Lazzari The Wyoming big game season is over and our hunters are loaded with meat for the year. Make the most of that wild game meat by experimenting with new recipes. There are plenty of excellent cookbooks and online resources to really expand your palate and turn that high quality protein into mouth

Guided Hound Hunt for Black Bears

The fall hunting seasons might be all wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting off the gas. Wyoming elk applications are due at the end of January and we will be mountain lion hunting during the winter months. Soon after that, we will turn our attention to spring bear hunts in Idaho!  Joining a

Wyoming Elk Hunt

The 2020 season has been a blast so far. Table Mountain hunters are punching tags and living THE LIFE. It doesn’t take long after the season ends to start dreaming about the next year. And this is a great time to start planning! Wyoming has a long application window for antelope and deer. But the

Wyoming Preference Points for Antelope

This is it, our final reminder! You can still purchase 2020 Wyoming preference points. But you must do it by the November 2nd deadline. November 2nd Is The Final Day To Purchase 2020 Preference Points! Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase a preference point this year for antelope, deer and elk in Wyoming. Points you

Wyoming Antelope Hunt

The American pronghorn is a completely unique species, found only in North America. They’re not related to African antelope, or any American cervids like deer or elk. In fact, “antelope” as we refer to them colloquially, are the only horned animal that sheds its horns annually. This one-of-a-kind creature is fast, has excellent vision, and