Table Mountain Hunters

The WYldlife Fund will host a phone auction on Friday, March 1st from 5-6:30pm Mountain Time. Bidders should text or call in their bids to (307) 714-1223. Opening bid will be $24,000 with minimum bid increpents of $500. Bidding will last until 6:30pm Mountain Time. At this time, all existing bidders will have the opportunity

Hunting Elk in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters

The application window for a Wyoming elk license runs from January 4th to January 31st. That’s not a big window, so it’s time to get started! Here’s what you need to know, in order to hunt elk in Wyoming in 2024 or beyond… Why Book with Table Mountain Outfitters to Hunt Elk in Wyoming? It’s

A Western Elk Hunt in Wyoming

By Zach Lazzari When it comes to finding a classic western elk hunt, several states offer good opportunities. You will find great elk hunts in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and a few in California. Each state offers a different angle or ecosystem where elk roam, creating a diverse set of opportunities.

Mule Deer in Wyoming

By Zach Lazzari & Ryan McSparran From the Red Desert to the Black Hills, and from the high Rockies to the sagebrush prairies, Wyoming’s rugged landscapes provide the backdrop for some incredible mule deer hunting. The state has populations that migrate across long, historic routes. Wyoming is also home to resident populations occupying a home

Guided Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

When you think of mule deer, several western states come to mind. Each has its own unique qualities for a mule deer hunt. In Wyoming, big resident deer and migratory groups are present in excellent numbers. While Wyoming has plenty of productive public land, some of the best range lies on big tracts of private

7 Things You Can Expect On Your First Antelope Hunt

The American pronghorn is a completely unique species, found only in North America. They’re not related to African antelope, or any American cervids like deer or elk. In fact, “antelope” as we refer to them colloquially, are the only horned animal that sheds its horns annually. This one-of-a-kind creature is fast, has excellent vision, and

Decoy Tactics for Antelope

By Zach Lazzari | Photos by Ryan McSparran Wyoming is antelope country and hunters can approach their hunt in a number of different ways. Hunting from a blind over water is certainly the most effective method for archery hunters. Rifle hunters can often use folds in the landscape to get close enough for a shot.

Purchase Wyoming Preference Points

It’s time to purchase Wyoming preference points! Points for all species are on sale from July 3rd through October 31st. Any points you purchase this year can be used in the 2024 application draw or beyond. Don’t wait. Pick up a point each for elk, deer and antelope and set yourself set up for great

Rifle Antelope Hunts

Wyoming is the antelope hunting capital, where hunters are welcomed with an abundance of tags and opportunity. Here at Table Mountain Outfitters, we enjoy exclusive leases on expansive Wyoming ranches. Spot and stalk rifle antelope hunts are extremely popular and for good reason. Available licenses, high success rates and fast-action hunting make this a great

Quick Tips For Field Judging Antelope

By Zach Lazzari Field judging antelope is a subjective art that requires a keen eye and great optics. Closer is always better but sometimes you are forced to make decisions from a long distance. Elk and deer are far easier to judge because they have distinct tines and features that are easy to spot. An