5 Tips For Better Marksmanship

By Zach Lazzari Too many hunters sight in their rifles just before the season and head straight into the field. Shooting on a regular schedule and practicing in real hunting scenarios is essential for building a reliable skill set. Training at the range and in the field will make you a better marksman and a

Wyoming Application Deadline

The Wyoming Deer and Antelope application deadline is May 31st. If you have hopes of hunting Wyoming this year, it’s time to plan your trip! Contact us now or give us a call at 307-632-6352. Deer and antelope licenses in Wyoming are available through the draw and hunters must apply by the May 31st deadline.

Mule Deer Hunts With Table Mountain

By Zach Lazzari At Table Mountain Outfitters, hunters enjoy a unique mule deer hunting experience. We are fortunate to lease some of Wyoming’s vast private-land ranches, where quality habitat, combined with exclusive access, and unpressured mule deer, create an incredible hunting experience. But while having private access to unpressured areas is an advantage, hunting mature

Guided Wyoming Elk Hunt

The western United States is loaded with elk hunting opportunities. You will find great elk hunts in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and a few in California. Each state offers a different angle or ecosystem where elk roam, creating a diverse set of opportunities. Wyoming however, has the perfect combination of opportunity,

By Zach Lazzari Among all the spring black bear hunting opportunities in North America, Idaho offers one of the best. Many other states do not allow spring black bear hunting with hounds or bait. Idaho offers both. The state has healthy black bear populations with some excellent color phase bears. If you’ve always dreamed of

Spring Black Bear hunting with Hounds

A new year is upon us and that means it’s time for applications and planning for the 2020 hunting season. When you are planning for a western hunt, look to Wyoming for world class antelope, mule deer and elk all in one area. Table Mountain Outfitters provides hunting adventures in Wyoming with incredible success rates.

Guided Wyoming Elk Hunt

By Zach Lazzari It’s one of the best guided hunts you can choose in the western United States. Wyoming has healthy elk herds and Table Mountain Outfitters hunts some of the best ground in the state. In fact, our elk hunts typically have a 100% opportunity rate. Not many free range outfits can offer that

elk hunt

This is it, our final reminder! You can still purchase 2019 Wyoming preference points. But you must do it by the October 31 deadline. An Important Change PLEASE NOTE: there is an important change from previous years: Wyoming Game and Fish no longer allows hunters to purchase points during the application/drawing process. New for 2019,

Single Pin Archery Sight

We’d like to take a moment to discuss the use of single pin archery sights on our Wyoming hunts. We know it may ruffle some feathers, but that’s okay. Whether you’re hunting antelope in a ground blind, stalking mule deer, or calling elk, single pin sights offer no true advantage. In fact, they offer serious

Mule Deer Hunt

When you think of mule deer, several western states come to mind. Each has its own unique qualities for a mule deer hunt. In Wyoming, big resident deer and migratory groups are present in excellent numbers. While Wyoming has plenty of productive public land, some of the best range lies on big tracts of private