elk hunt

This is it, our final reminder! You can still purchase 2019 Wyoming preference points. But you must do it by the October 31 deadline. An Important Change PLEASE NOTE: there is an important change from previous years: Wyoming Game and Fish no longer allows hunters to purchase points during the application/drawing process. New for 2019,

Single Pin Archery Sight

We’d like to take a moment to discuss the use of single pin archery sights on our Wyoming hunts. We know it may ruffle some feathers, but that’s okay. Whether you’re hunting antelope in a ground blind, stalking mule deer, or calling elk, single pin sights offer no true advantage. In fact, they offer serious

Mule Deer Hunt

When you think of mule deer, several western states come to mind. Each has its own unique qualities for a mule deer hunt. In Wyoming, big resident deer and migratory groups are present in excellent numbers. While Wyoming has plenty of productive public land, some of the best range lies on big tracts of private

Archery Antelope Hunting

By Zach Lazzari The 2019 Wyoming Archery Antelope season is here! Hunting antelope during archery season is an absolute thrill. Before jumping in the blind, it’s important to make sure your bow is tuned. You should be shooting consistent, tight groupings out to 40 yards at a minimum. When preparing for an archery antelope hunt,

Spring Bear Hunt in Idaho

  Idaho black bear hunts provide the ultimate in spring bear hunting excitement. With the opportunity to hunt bears with hounds in the mornings and then watch silently near bait in the evenings, it’s the best of both worlds. These two experiences are ceratinly different. And that’s part of what makes this hunt so much

Wyoming Preference Points and Hunting Licenses

Now is the time to purchase your Wyoming preference points. If you’ve been building points in Wyoming, there is an important change that you need to be aware of. Changes to the Wyoming Draw and Preference Points Starting this year, Wyoming no longer issues preference points automatically after the draw. Instead, you must go to

Antelope Hunt

The American pronghorn is a completely unique species, found only in North America. They’re not related to African antelope, or any American cervids like deer or elk. In fact, “antelope” as we refer to them colloquially, are the only horned animal that sheds its horns annually. This one-of-a-kind creature is fast, has excellent vision, and

Mule Deer in Wyoming

By Zach Lazzari & Ryan McSparran From the Red Desert to the Black Hills, and from the high Rockies to the sagebrush prairies, Wyoming’s rugged landscapes provide the backdrop for some incredible mule deer hunting. The state has populations that migrate across long, historic routes. Wyoming is also home to resident populations occupying a home

Winner of the Hunt Giveaway

We are happy to report that Nathaniel L. from Wellington, Colorado is the winner of our 2019 antelope hunt giveaway. Congratulations, Nathaniel! “I’m still in shock about winning the antelope hunt,” Nathaniel told us. “I’ve never won anything before.” Well now you have, Nathaniel! As the winner of our giveaway, he will be living THE

Giveaway for a Wyoming Antelope Hunt

We are thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s free antelope hunt giveaway! A big thanks to everyone who entered. We appreciate your interest in living THE LIFE with us at Table Mountain Outfitters. We have drawn a name for this year’s winner… Nathaniel L. from Wellington, Colorado We have contacted Nathaniel and he