Why Wyoming is THE Place for a Western Elk Hunt

Guided Wyoming Elk Hunt

January 21st, 2020


The western United States is loaded with elk hunting opportunities. You will find great elk hunts in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and a few in California. Each state offers a different angle or ecosystem where elk roam, creating a diverse set of opportunities.

Wyoming however, has the perfect combination of opportunity, trophy quality and high success rates that all coincide with a classic western landscape that has inspired hunters for eons.

Guided Elk HuntUnbeatable Draw Odds for High Quality Hunts

The downside to many dream hunts for elk are the draw odds and waiting times. Waiting for a decade or more to draw an Arizona bull tag is not uncommon. Those long waits often apply to high quality units in every state around the west. While you can find annual opportunities with over-the-counter hunts in places like Idaho or Colorado, the quality reflects the availability.

Wyoming is one state where your draw odds are reasonable for extremely high quality hunting units. We have a few select spots remaining and time is running out to apply for the 2020 season!

We can still get you in, but your application must be submitted by January 31st! CONTACT US NOW and we will submit your application for you. Let’s start planning your 2020 elk hunting adventure!

Low Hunting Pressure

Table Mountain Outfitters boasts an incredible 100% opportunity for elk hunters on both rifle and archery hunts. If you hunt with the guides here, you will see good numbers of elk and have opportunities to harvest quality animals.

One reason for our exceptional success rates is the access to large, free-range ranches without any other hunting pressure. Table Mountain utilizes several expansive and historic western properties where elk funnel and spend the hunting season. Here, without the public hunting pressure, the elk still act like elk. You’ll hear them bugling during the rut and see them remaining in big herds throughout the season.

A Classic Western Hunt

Plan on walking through rolling hills with mixed timber and glassing over some wild terrain on the eastern flanks of the Rocky Mountains. The lack of development and large intact tracts of habitat allow for healthy big game populations. Elk and mule deer migrate freely through these zones.

The access to big ranches, lack of other hunters and abundance of game makes Wyoming the perfect place to plan a western elk hunt.

Let’s plan your hunt now! The Wyoming elk application deadline is January 31st. We will submit your application for you. But to get started, you must contact us now.

Archery Elk Hunt in Wyoming

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