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Rifle Antelope Hunts

July 27th, 2023


Wyoming is the antelope hunting capital, where hunters are welcomed with an abundance of tags and opportunity. Here at Table Mountain Outfitters, we enjoy exclusive leases on expansive Wyoming ranches. Spot and stalk rifle antelope hunts are extremely popular and for good reason. Available licenses, high success rates and fast-action hunting make this a great experience.

Why Antelope?

Antelope are an extraordinary species and totally unique in the world of North American ungulates. Not actually an antelope, the American pronghorn is unrelated to anything else. Their distinct white, brown and black markings make them one of North America’s most beautiful big game animals. Capable of running exceptionally fast with speeds clocked well over 50 miles per hour, they are only second in land speed to the cheetah.

That speed is one reason they have adapted so well to living in open spaces where a big field of vision lends an easy head start on predators. This tendency to inhabit wide-open spaces also makes them very visible to hunters. But make no mistake, that doesn’t guarantee an easy stalk.

Table Mountain utilizes blinds for bow hunts. But the rifle antelope season is a spot and stalk game. If a group of antelope sees a hunter stopping in a vehicle or approaching on foot, they will quickly spook. Utilizing breaks in the terrain and carefully stalking within shooting distance is an absolute necessity. This makes a rifle antelope hunt an exciting experience.

Guided Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Preparing for a Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Stalking antelope is a process loaded with anticipation. The visibility makes it very exciting but difficult to get within a good shooting distance at the same time. Limber up before the hunt by stretching and working on your core muscles. Crawling and sliding forward on your stomach is not uncommon when the landscape offers little in the way of breaks and natural features to aid a stalk.

Another major asset during antelope season is confident and consistent shooting capabilities. Accuracy is critical as pronghorn offer a smaller target than a deer or elk. The ability to shoot comfortably out to 300 yards is ideal.

Rifle antelope hunts are typically out in the open so plan accordingly and watch the weather forecast. Wear light, breathable layers when the sun is high and hot and always carry plenty of water. Even during rifle season, the weather can be fairly hot on the grasslands. But bring a versatile layering system – the weather here can turn 180 degrees very quickly.

Why Table Mountain?

Antelope bucks are notoriously difficult to field judge. Hunting alongside experienced guides who can accurately evaluate bucks and plan strategic stalks is a major advantage, especially while seeking a big buck. What’s more, we have exclusive access to our ranches, where access to good numbers of unpressured antelope creates a target rich environment. With plenty of opportunities for stalks, this makes for a very exciting hunt!

To learn more about guided antelope hunts with Table Mountain Outfitters, please take a few minutes to review the information on our antelope hunting page. We are now booking for the 2022 season. For availability and other details, we’d encourage you to contact us. We’d love to help you plan a great Wyoming hunt!

Rifle Antelope Hunt in Wyoming


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