It’s Time to Purchase Wyoming Preference Points

Wyoming Preference Points and Hunting Licenses

July 17th, 2019


Now is the time to purchase your Wyoming preference points. If you’ve been building points in Wyoming, there is an important change that you need to be aware of.

Changes to the Wyoming Draw and Preference Points

Starting this year, Wyoming no longer issues preference points automatically after the draw. Instead, you must go to the Wyoming Game and Fish Website and purchase your points.

In the past, hunters who applied and did not draw a first choice license were issued a preference point, if they selected that option on their application. This was true for our antelope, deer and elk hunters here at Table Mountain Outfitters.

Now this year, if you applied in the 2019 draw and did not draw your first choice, there was no option to receive a point. It’s up to you, to purchase your points. Points may be purchase from July 1st until October 31st.

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How to Purchase Wyoming Preference Points

If you’d like to purchase preference points this year, you can do it quickly and easily on the Wyoming Game and Fish Website. Even if you did not apply in the limited draw, you can still purchase a point for elk, deer and antelope.

If you already drew a first choice license in 2019, you may not purchase a point for that particular species. However, you may still purchase points for other species. For example, if you drew your elk license this year, you are not eligible to receive a point. However, you may now purchase a point for deer, and a point for antelope. You may only purchase one point per species, per year.

To get started, CLICK HERE and follow the steps to purchase your preference points. If you don’t already have an account with WGFD, you will need to create a new account. Points for the 2019 season are only on sale from July 1st through October 31st.

Why Purchase Preference Points in Wyoming

Whether or not you have specific plans to hunt in Wyoming, purchasing preference points now is a great idea. This will make planning a future hunt much easier. And it will open up more opportunities down the road.

As a nonresident hunter, having a preference point will greatly increase your chances of drawing an elk license. Many Mule deer units also require points to draw. While some antelope hunts can be drawn without points, having preference points will greatly increase your options, and help ensure that you’ll draw a tag when you’re ready to book a hunt.

Purchasing points in Wyoming is relatively inexpensive. You are not required to purchase a nonresident hunting license in order to acquire points, which some other western states require. You can simply log into your account on the WGFD website, and purchase points. A Wyoming preference point for antelope is $31. A point for deer is $41. And a preference point for elk in Wyoming is $52.

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Start Building Points in Wyoming This Year

If you haven’t started building preference points in Wyoming, don’t wait. It’s easy, and it will create much better hunting opportunities for you in the future. We can tell you one thing for sure – tags sure aren’t getting easier to draw each year. When you’re ready to plan that hunting trip, having a point or two will be a big asset.

To learn more about hunting in Wyoming with us at Table Mountain Outfitters, please explore the rest of our website. If you have specific questions, you can give us a call at 307-632-6352 or send us a message.

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