Hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters

Guided Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

October 3rd, 2023


When you think of mule deer, several western states come to mind. Each has its own unique qualities for a mule deer hunt. In Wyoming, big resident deer and migratory groups are present in excellent numbers. While Wyoming has plenty of productive public land, some of the best range lies on big tracts of private land habitat. Wyoming lacks suburban sprawl, resulting in big, traditional ranchlands that hold trophy bucks.

Exclusive Hunting Properties

At Table Mountain Outfitters, we are fortunate to hold the exclusive hunting leases on a number sprawling ranches. These low-pressure hunting areas create ideal habitat for healthy herds of mule deer. These ranches hold populations of resident deer, making every day an adventure.

Access to these areas is easy with 4×4’s for scouting and no outside hunting pressure. The fact that we boast a 100-percent opportunity rate, and nearly a 100-percent success rate, should say plenty about the quality of these properties. Very few mule deer outfits can boast this kind of success on trophy mule deer bucks.

The quality of our leases is also a result of decades of management. On these free-range hunts, we can be selective and have a track record for taking mature mule deer bucks.

Hunting Mule Deer In Wyoming With Table Mountain Outfitters

Exciting Spot and Stalk Hunting

There’s something special about sitting quietly behind the glass, and watching mule deer bucks move through open sage and between patches of timber. With our exclusive private access, you can put the spotting scope on a group of deer without worrying about another hunter coming from a different direction.

After finding a buck that gets you fired up, making a stalk is the next step. Varied terrain with brush, trees and boulders often helps to slip into shooting position. Spot and stalk hunts are done with both archery and rifle equipment in the appropriate seasons.

The first time you put a stalk on a mule deer in Wyoming, you’ll quickly understand why it’s so addicting. This is classic western hunting at its finest.

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

A Note About Preference Points 

It helps to build a few preference points when applying for these quality Wyoming mule deer hunts. Wyoming preference points can be purchased starting in July, and through the end of October. Whether or not you’ve begun to plan your Wyoming hunt, we highly recommend purchasing preference points. This is cheap insurance to help you draw a tag when you are ready to hunt. Click here to purchase a mule deer point now.

Hunting Mule Deer In Wyoming With Table Mountain Outfitters

Mule Deer Hunts With Table Mountain Outfitters

To begin planning your mule deer hunt with Table Mountain Outfitters, please give us a call at 307-632-6352 or send us a message. We’d love to help you plan your Wyoming hunting adventure.

To learn more about our guided mule deer hunting opportunities, please visit our deer hunting page. There, you’ll find links to prices, references, gear recommendations, and photos.

Hunting Mule Deer In Wyoming With Table Mountain Outfitters

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