Wyoming Elk Applications Are Approaching

2022 Wyoming Elk Applications Are Approaching

November 15th, 2021


The deadline for 2022 Wyoming elk applications is right around the corner. The state makes it easy to plan ahead with early deadlines for nonresident hunters. Nonresident applications open January 4th and run until February 1st in 2021. That’s a short window for our nonresident applicants. So don’t miss it!

Book Your Hunt First

If you’d like to live THE LIFE with us here in Wyoming, call us first. Don’t apply for a tag and then call us after the draw – chances are, we won’t have an open spot for you. If you’re interested in a 2022 Wyoming elk hunt, the best thing to do is contact us now.

Before we even begin the application process, we’ll walk you through each of the hunt options and possible dates. Table Mountain Outfitters runs both archery and rifle hunts for elk. The bow hunting dates are in September and rifle hunts take place beginning in mid-October.

We can also explain the different lodging options for your hunt. We offer town hunts where you stay in a local motel and can plan your own breakfasts and dinners. We also offer bunkhouse and lodge options for our elk hunts.

No matter your preferences, we will help you plan your ideal Wyoming elk hunt. From there, we will begin work on your 2022 Wyoming elk application.

2022 Wyoming Elk Applications Are Approaching

2022 Elk Applications

When it comes to elk applications, we handle the entire process for you. This allows us to make sure the application is filled out and submitted correctly. Book your hunt first and we will then work through application process on your behalf.

The application window for nonresident hunters is January 4th through February 1st, 2022. That’s coming up quick and it’s a short window. So if you’re interested in applying for a Wyoming elk hunt next year, please contact us now to get started.

Getting Ready for Your Hunt

The draw results for Wyoming elk licenses will be released near the end of May. When draw results are posted, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your dates and begin planning your hunt. The spring announcement leaves you with a full summer to prepare for your hunt. If you’re successful in the draw, it’s time to dial in your rifle or bow, get your gear in order and get ready for the big hunt. It’s an exciting feeling, knowing that in a few short months, you’ll be living THE LIFE!

Guided elk hunt in Wyoming

Preference Points

Keep in mind that preference points will help you draw a Wyoming elk license. If you don’t have points, don’t let that deter you from booking with us and applying this year. There is a chance you’ll draw even without points! However, if you’re unsuccessful in the draw you’ll be eligible to purchase a preference point for elk. Wyoming preference points will be on sale from July 1 through November 1. You’re allowed to purchase one point per year for elk. For answers to more frequently asked questions about Wyoming preference points, check out our previous article on that subject.

Contact Us With Questions

If you’d like to learn more about our guided Wyoming elk hunts, please take a few minutes to read the information on our elk hunting page. For availability, booking and other details, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable Wyoming elk hunting adventure!

Wyoming Elk Applications Are Approaching

By Zach Lazzari

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