Frequently Asked Questions About Wyoming Preference Points

Frequently Asked Questions About Wyoming Preference Points

August 5th, 2022


The deadline to purchase preference points in Wyoming is on October 31st! If you haven’t already purchased preference points this year, log on to your Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) account now. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to create a new one.

Accumulating preference points for each species in Wyoming is essential. YES, that means antelope too! You don’t need to know any units or seasons. Just purchase a point and we can help you decide how to use them later. Buying a point will improve your options and your ability to draw a license in the future.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Wyoming preference points:


Q: I’m not planning to hunt Wyoming next year. Should I still purchase a point?

A: YES! Whether or not you have plans to hunt Wyoming, do yourself a favor and purchase a point now for elk, deer and antelope.

You can continue to accumulate a point for each species every year. Even if you don’t yet have plans to hunt Wyoming, start building points now. Some hunts can take years to draw. If you begin accumulating points now, you’ll have a better chance at drawing when you’re ready to plan a hunt.


Q: If I applied in the 2020 draw, do I still need to purchase a point?

A: YES! If you applied in the draw this year and you did not draw a first choice license, you need to log in and purchase a point for each species. Points are NOT automatically awarded to unsuccessful applicants in the draw. You must log in now and purchase your points.


Q: Are points specific to a particular unit or season?

A: No. Preference points are species-specific. When you’re ready to apply for a hunt, your preference points can be used for any unit or season for that particular species.


Q: How many points can I purchase?

A: You can accumulate one point per year for each species. This year, you should purchase a point each for elk, deer and antelope. Next year you can do the same. Keep accumulating points until you’re ready to book a hunt. When it finally comes time to plan a hunt, having accumulated points will make it much easier to draw the tag of your choice. More points equals more options – and in many cases, better options.


Q: How much do Wyoming preference points cost?

A: A Wyoming preference point for antelope is $31. A point for deer is $41. And a preference point for elk in Wyoming is $52. You do not need to have a hunting license in order to acquire points. You can simply log into your account on the WGFD website, and purchase one point, per species, per year.


Q: How do I purchase preference points in Wyoming?

A: First, go to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website here to purchase points. Remember, the deadline to purchase preference points is October 31st. If you miss this deadline you’ll miss out on a 2021-point and you’ll have to wait until 2022. Don’t procrastinate – get it done now!

CLICK HERE and follow the steps to purchase preference points. If you don’t have a WGFD account, start by creating a new one. It’s easy and straightforward.

You do not need to apply for a specific unit or season. You may purchase one point for each species. We recommend purchasing a point each for elk, deer and antelope.


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