Shooting Accessories to Consider for Your Next Wyoming Hunt

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May 5th, 2023


By Zach Lazzari

Hunters don’t need a pile of shooting accessories. But a few handy items can make a difference in the field. Gear is no replacement for skill. And learning to shoot from a variety of positions is important. Practice with and without your rifle bipods and accessories to prepare for every possible scenario.

Here are a few shooting accessories you might consider for your next Wyoming hunt:


A bipod provides excellent stability for shooters in open country situations like we often see here in Wyoming. A bipod in the six to ten inch range is ideal for shooting from prone positions, giving hunters great control at longer ranges.

If you choose to use a bipod on an upcoming hunt, be sure to practice, practice, practice. This advice certainly goes for any shooting accessory. But it’s especially critical that you know your bipod and feel extremely comfortable with it before you embark on a hunt.

Shooting Sticks

Our guides typically carry shooting sticks in the truck, so it’s not necessary to bring your own. However, it doesn’t hurt to practice with a set before coming on your hunt. Even when you have an attached bipod, shooting sticks create a good alternative rifle rest, making it possible to shoot from awkward positions and especially when shooting over brush. This sometimes comes in handy on mule deer and antelope hunts here in Wyoming.

A variety of shooting sticks are available, but we recommend the Primos Trigger Stick Tripod. These sticks are stable and quick to adjust, making it possible to clear tall grass or sage.

Ammo Carrier

This simple accessory is often found for less than 20 bucks but it saves critical time when reloading. Rather than sorting through your pants pockets or the depths of your pack for more ammo, keep extra rounds organized and ready. Check out the different bullet wallets from Caribou Gear. Your ammo stays secure and you can reload quickly when time is of the essence.

Scope Cover

We’ve seen the good and the bad with scope covers. In most situations, they’re not necessary and they cause more trouble than they are worth. However, if we encounter wet weather, a rifle slung over your shoulder can easily collect snow and become obstructed. While we don’t recommend keeping the scope cover on your rifle while hunting, consider keeping one on hand in case of bad weather.

Glass Cleaning Wipes

There’s nothing worse than smudges on your binoculars and scope. Keep a few wipes handy to clean the glass throughout the day. Using a shirt sleeve usually makes things worse by spreading the smudge across the glass. Keep a few disposable wet lens wipes in your pocket and a small microfiber cloth clipped to your pack or bino harness for easy access throughout the day.

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