Must-Have Archery Gear for Western Big Game Hunting

Guided archer elk hunt in Wyoming

April 29th, 2022


By Zach Lazzari

Our Wyoming big game hunts offer exceptional shot opportunities for archery hunters. Quality Antelope, Mule Deer and Elk are all harvested regularly using blinds, spot and stalk and calling strategies. Our antelope hunts are geared towards ground blind specific hunts. Meanwhile, the mule deer hunts employ a mix of both ground blind and stalking tactics. And our elk are primarily targeted on foot, using a combination of calling and spot-and-stalk strategies. Regardless of which species you’re pursing, every archery hunt calls for specific gear to get the job done.

Wind Check

One constant factor on most big game hunts is wind. If your scent blows in the wrong direction, the odds of a successful stalk plummet. Particularly on mule deer and elk hunts, carry a wind check bottle with powder to see what’s happening in the air. Sometimes it’s obvious but the powder can show the subtle nature of light wind currents that swirl and drive your scent in the wrong direction. Don’t just carry the wind check though. Remember to use it often.

Range Finder

Distance is everything in archery and your rangefinder is a critical tool. Check the batteries and test it before every hunt. Keep a spare battery as well. Many bino harness pouches have a rangefinder slot for convenient access. Regardless which system you use, make sure you can quickly grab and use your rangefinder to check object distances and prepare for shot opportunities.

In a ground blind, go ahead and check distances immediately when you sit down. Before an antelope ever shows up, you should have a good idea of the distances you’re working with. Likewise in some elk hunting scenarios, you may have the opportunity to range a few trees or rocks before the bull appears. However, always be prepared – that bull may not come in the spot or in the direction you anticipated.

Archery Mule Deer Hunt in Wyoming

Repair Kit

Field repairs aren’t needed often but you’ll be thankful for the tools when something goes wrong. At a minimum, keep your allen wrenches and broadhead wrench handy to snug anything down in a pinch. Super glue and dental floss are also great for quick repairs. Many archers bring an extra peep sight and d-string loop as well. I always carry an extra release for my compound bow as well.

Essential Calls

Finding that perfect balance of calls to carry on archery hunts is tricky. On elk hunts, having a bugle tube is handy. But our guides will do most of the calling, so it’s usually not necessary for hunters to carry one around. Always keep a spare reed or quick call in your pocket or around your neck for immediate access. This can stop an animal to present a shot opportunity. Bring along your suite of calls and keep that stopper call ready. Most importantly, listen to your guide. If your guide tells you to remain silent, do exactly as they say.

Footwear for Stalking

Quiet footwear is valuable in the blind and on the ground during a stalk. At some point every archery hunter will feel the pain of hearing the ground crunch beneath their feet. Carry a pair of thick socks to either pull over your shoes/boots or to wear alone when the ground is especially loud. Silencing your steps might be the difference that helps you close the deal on a big bull or buck.

Archery Hunts with Table Mountain Outfitters

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Wyoming Bow Hunt for Antelope

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