Mule Deer Tactics for Table Mountain Hunts

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

May 28th, 2022


By Zach Lazzari

There’s just something special about hunting mule deer. And our hunters at Table Mountain Outfitters get access to some of the most exciting mule deer country in Wyoming. High success rates are the norm, and you expect to see plenty of deer and have great opportunities.

While the deer are plentiful and our guides will expertly show you how to hunt them, it’s still helpful to arrive with a good understanding of western mule deer and how you can expect to find bucks on your next hunt.

Prepare to Glass

If there’s one thing that makes mule deer hunters successful, it’s the ability to glass intensively. You will often find deer in the expected places and can make quick decisions. But logging extra time behind the lens can reveal those sneaky bucks that rarely show themselves.

At Table Mountain, there are bucks that migrate through the area, making everyday exciting and worth spending time glassing for new deer. Bring your best optics and tripods and plan on watching deer as they move through an incredible landscape. Stay in the game as long as possible and pick apart the landscape for success. Glassing is almost an endurance game at times, especially while looking for bedded bucks that blend into their surroundings.

On mule deer hunts, bring a quality set of binoculars. A 10×42 bino is a great choice for all-around western hunting. Also bring a quality tripod with a bino adapter. Having your binos steady on a tripod makes a surprisingly big difference. And finally, consider bringing a butt pad or a compact and lightweight folding stool to stay comfortable.

Hunting Mule Deer In Wyoming With Table Mountain Outfitters

Catch them Early and Late

This rule applies to most big game species but mule deer are especially prone to bedding throughout the day. They often live in open, stage brush country, where the sun is intense. As soon as these hillsides start to warm up, mule deer will look for a shady spot to tuck in.

We like to be in position to start glassing as soon as it’s light. Hit the hills at first light and last light to locate bucks and plan stalks. It’s not uncommon to find a good one at first light, watch until it beds then get into position while it’s not moving much.

Keep in mind however, the mid-day isn’t ruled out either. They will shift positions, change beds and make smaller movements throughout the day so stay on the glass and be persistent. Looking hard during the mid-day can turn up some really nice animals so don’t give up when it’s slow.

Don’t Overlook the Thick Stuff

Mule deer are known for being out in the open more than whitetails. You will catch them on hillsides with a big view all around them but that doesn’t mean the timber, canyons and thickets are off limits. Look for breaks in the landscape where deer can move without being seen and keep a close eye on those funnel points.

Bucks that migrate are especially adept at using the dips and cracks in the land to keep a low profile. Check the timber and the places where you don’t expect bucks because they might just show up where nobody is looking.

And again, stay persistent. Especially when glassing these thick areas, mule deer have an uncanny way of materializing out of thin air. Just when you think you’ve glassed the same hillside a hundred times, suddenly you’ll spot a buck there. This happens all the time when hunting mule deer, so stay vigilant.

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts with Table Mountain Outfitters

To learn more about mule deer hunting in Wyoming, take a few minutes to read the information on our deer hunting page. If you’d like to inquire about availability, please contact us. You haven’t truly lived THE LIFE until you’ve experienced a Wyoming mule deer hunt!

Hunting Mule Deer In Wyoming With Table Mountain Outfitters



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