Make the Most of Your Harvest with these Great Recipe Resources

Make The Most Of Your Harvest With These Great Recipe Resources

December 4th, 2020


By Zach Lazzari

The Wyoming big game season is over and our hunters are loaded with meat for the year. Make the most of that wild game meat by experimenting with new recipes. There are plenty of excellent cookbooks and online resources to really expand your palate and turn that high quality protein into mouth watering meals.

Wild + Whole

Recipes for Wild Game MeatDaniel Prewett’s Wild + Whole website houses some incredible recipes and is a serious resource for cooking techniques and styles. The organization is fantastic because it breaks down recipes by species and meal types. It also has cooking educational content alongside health and wellness content. The recipes here are also very unique and they go well beyond the realm of simply preparing and cooking the meat. The sauces, presentation and details will take your cooking game to another level. Dishes like Thai venison lettuce cups and Za’atar Spiced Venison Meatballs with Avocado Tzatziki sauce are hard to find anywhere else. Anyone wanting to expand their game cooking abilities should take a close look at this resource. 

Elevated Wild

Wade Truong and Rachel Owen bring a fresh perspective to a wide variety of wild game recipes with ingredients rooted in American soil and influences from all over the world. On their website at, they offer great recipes and tips on how to work with both tough and tender cuts of meat. These principles can be applied to all your favorite recipes, in addition to the ones found right there on their website. 

Buck, Buck, Moose

Wyoming Antelope MeatHank Shaw’s Buck, Buck, Moose was a huge hit with venison fans. If you harvested an ungulate this past season, the 100-recipes in this book will create some memorable dishes in your kitchen. The book is loaded with culture and history, including culinary influence from around the globe. This is one book worth keeping in the kitchen or on the coffee table. It has excellent photographs and many years worth of savory recipes.

The Sporting Chef Website

Another great online resource, this website is packed with wild game recipes from chef Scott Leysath. He also has authored several cookbooks and contributes recipes to numerous publications and organizations like Ducks Unlimited. If that’s not enough, Leysath also hosts multiple cooking shows on the Sportsman channel. The free recipes on the website cover a wide range of game meat types and there is a meal for everyone. There are 100’s of recipes listed and you can purchase the cookbooks to keep handy in the kitchen as well.

Fill Your Freezer Next Fall

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