Last Call: Antelope Applications Are Due June 1st

Last Call: Antelope Applications Are Due June 1st

April 29th, 2020


This is it! Last call for those who want to live THE LIFE with us this fall in Wyoming. Most of our fall hunts are already sold out. We have openings left for some exciting spot-and-stalk rifle antelope hunts. But we must apply for your license before June 1st!

Here are a few things to know about these hunts and drawing a license in Wyoming:

Rifle Antelope Hunts

Hunting antelope during rifle season is some of the most fun you can have on a western hunt. There are lots of animals, making each day an action-packed experience. Plus, antelope remain active throughout the day, meaning we don’t have to be out before daylight each morning. Compared to many other big game hunts, it’s a relatively laid back experience and tons of fun.

Our guides will help you determine a quality antelope buck and plan an effective stalk. Get ready for some exciting stalks! Antelope have excellent vision and a large part of the fun is trying to get close enough for a shot. This is a western hunting adventure you’ll never forget.

Wyoming Antelope Hunt

License Availability

If you’d like to hunt antelope in Wyoming this year, we must submit your application before June 1st! That is the deadline for all pronghorn and deer applications. To get started, call us now at 307-632-6352 or send us a message.

If you already have preference points for antelope, great! That can be a big help. If you don’t have points, don’t worry. Licenses for most of the areas we hunt are available in the draw. Whether or not you have preference points, we must submit your application before the June 1st deadline in order to hunt with us this fall.

How To Apply

Don’t let the application process intimidate you. That’s what we’re here for. We personally handle your application to make sure you have an outstanding antelope hunting experience. Simply contact us and we’ll get the process started.

With the June 1st deadline quickly approaching, don’t wait! Give us a call at 307-632-6352 or send us a message, and let’s start planning your antelope hunting adventure. This is the year to live THE LIFE!

Guided Antelope Hunt


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