It’s Time to Prepare for Your Wyoming Hunt

Archery Mule Deer Hunt With Table Mountain

May 25th, 2023


By Zach Lazzari

It’s time to start getting excited about big game hunts in Wyoming. Archery and rifle seasons will be here before long and hunters should be prepared to make every shot count.

Table Mountain hunters have incredible success rates because the guides, properties and setups are all exceptional. Bring your A-game and the chances of a successful and memorable hunt are very high.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re prepared:

Antelope Archery Hunts

The hunting season opens with archery antelope. These hunts are done from very reliable ground blind locations. This means hunter’s should focus heavily on shooting accuracy throughout the pre-season.

Fine tune your bow and get dialed by shooting every day. Bow hunts offer a target-rich environment and hunters can seriously benefit from having practiced consistently through the spring and summer months. Practice from sitting positions as you would be in a ground blind. When that buck turns broadside, be ready to make it count!

Deer and Elk Archery

On archery mule deer hunts, we alternate between spot-and-stalk tactics and utilizing ground blinds. Archery elk hunters can prepare for spot-and-stalk and calling setups. No matter the situation, accuracy and shooting abilities remain of the utmost importance. There’s no replacement for consistent practice through the off-season.

Stalking is also an important aspect of the hunt. Consult with the Table Mountain team ahead of time for advice regarding their favorite camouflage. Be in the best shape possible, so that you’re ready to close that gap when it counts.

Don’t wait until the month before your hunt to purchase new boots. If you’re in the market for new footwear, we recommend doing that now. This provides plenty of break-in time. And most importantly, if there are any issues it’s best to discover that now with plenty of time to make changes.

Rifle Hunts

Rifle season makes it much easier to close the distance for a shot opportunity. Typically, our hunters have quality shot opportunities. Your job is to make sure you’re ready to make it count. Plan to arrive with a sighted-in rifle and confidence inspired from hours of practice at the range.

Make practice a regular habit through the spring and summer months. When your rifle is sighted in, get away from the bench rest. Go beyond the zeroing and become proficient at shooting from a variety of positions. Practice prone, on the ground, from a standing rest, on a knee and anything else you may encounter in the field. If you plan to use a bipod or shooting sticks, get plenty of practice with those items.

When that animal you’ve been dreaming about all year is in your scope, you want to feel prepared and confident.

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