A Word About Single Pin Sights From an Archery Elk Hunter

Single Pin Archery Sight

September 30th, 2019


We’d like to take a moment to discuss the use of single pin archery sights on our Wyoming hunts. We know it may ruffle some feathers, but that’s okay. Whether you’re hunting antelope in a ground blind, stalking mule deer, or calling elk, single pin sights offer no true advantage. In fact, they offer serious disadvantages.

Here’s a recent example from the field. Meet one of our recent hunters, Beau Wells, who was kind enough to share his personal experience using a single pin sight:

When Beau says that the single pin sight cost him a few opportunities, he’s absolutely correct. Having a multiple pin bow sight in each of these situations would have changed the outcome dramatically.

In a typical archery elk hunting setup, we may know when the bull is coming. But we don’t always know where he will appear. The setup may have shooting opportunities that range from 20 to 50 yards. In many situations, the hunter will need to draw his or her bow before the elk appears. There is simply no time to adjust a pin. Nor can you draw after the elk is already in view. We can see this demonstrated clearly in the video.

For this reason, we strongly suggest a four or five pin adjustable sight. A hunter can have pins set for 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. When an elk steps into one of the openings, the hunter can simply use the appropriate pin. Pins past 50 yards are more helpful for a follow-up shot on a wounded animal.

Without time to adjust, hunters with a single pin sight may be forced to guess where to hold, based on where their pin is set. And sadly, guessing correctly in an exciting situation doesn’t usually happen.

One consistent factor on any of our western hunts is a high degree of variability. Even when hunting antelope from ground blinds, the opportunities happen too quickly and with too much unpredictability to use a single pin sight.

Here’s the difficult truth behind this message: this year, our clients have lost more game and wounded more animals using a single pin site than any other year before.

We believe a single pin sight has a place. It’s just not on our Wyoming hunts. When planning your big game hunt, we urge our hunters to choose a multiple pin sight for their archery setup.

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