4 Things You Should Know about Idaho Spring Bear Hunts

4 Things You Should Know About Idaho Spring Bear Hunts

December 2nd, 2022



Idaho black bear hunts provide the ultimate in spring bear hunting excitement. With the opportunity to hunt bears with hounds in the mornings and then watch silently near bait in the evenings, it’s the best of both worlds. These two experiences are ceratinly different. And that’s part of what makes this hunt so much fun.

If you’re considering a spring black bear hunt, here are a few things you should know:

1. Hunting Black Bears with Hounds

Our Idaho Black Bear hunts typically begin early in the morning, with our excellent guides and a group of hard-working hounds. From their boxes in the truck, these hounds can pick up the scent of a bear as we move along logging roads. When the dogs are cut loose, the action begins.

Until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to describe the excitement of pursuing bears through this rugged country on foot.

Black Bear Hunting with Hounds

2. Black Bear Hunting over Bait

In the evenings, hunters will then have the opportunity to sit quietly at our strategically-placed bait sites. After a fast-paced morning hunt, this quiet sit in the woods is a perfect change of pace. The stillness of the evening here in Idaho bear country is beautiful.

What’s more, hunting black bears over bait offers an excellent opportunity to closely watch and observe bears in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. While it’s a very different experience from the morning hunt on foot, it’s still exciting in its own way.

Baiting for Spring Black Bears

3. The Truth About Hunting with Hounds and Bait

While anti-hunting groups have attacked the use of both hounds and bait in many places around the country, these methods of hunting bears actually help us to be more selective. We can focus on harvesting mature boars, and much more easily avoid killing sows and immature bears.

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything lacking in the fair chase ethics of a hunt like this. Once you’ve joined our houndsmen in a cross-country chase with a bear, or spend time with our guides who know these mountains and carefully select bait sites, we know you’ll come away with a much better understanding of why these hunts are not only ethical, but also a highly important part of bear management for our game and fish agencies.

Spring Black Bear hunting with Hounds

4. Black and Color Phase Bears

Spring bears retain their thick coats coming off the winter months, and the altitude here means that we rarely see badly rubbed hides. Not only is the hide quality is exceptional, but our Idaho bears show a variety of color phases.

Not many other regions boast such diversity in color phase black bears. Each year, our hunters take bears that are black, brown, cinnamon and chocolate. A blonde phase bear is never out of the question either.

Spring Black Bear Hunt

Spring Black Bear Hunts With Table Mountain Outfitters

If you want to chase color phase black bears, these Idaho spring hunts are an outstanding experience. This area allows us to hunt with any weapon, so bring your rifle, pistol or bow. The weather is generally cool or pleasant. And whether you’re watching a bear from a blind, or catching your breath at the base of a tree, these hunts provide the opportunity to study a bear before deciding to pull the trigger.

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