Table Mountain Deer and Antelope Hunts are Fast Approaching

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June 25th, 2020


The Wyoming antelope and mule deer draw results have hunters excited for the big game season in Wyoming. If you drew a tag this year, congratulations! We are looking forward to living THE LIFE with you this year.

Now that draw results have been announced, hunters can gear up and start preparing for the trip. Bow hunts are not far off and rifle follows shortly after. Sighting rifles, shooting bows and prepping gear for a big game hunt ahead of the season will keep you busy through the anticipation of arrival in camp.

Gear up for Archery Hunts

Table Mountain Deer And Antelope Hunts Are Fast Approaching

Mule deer and antelope archery hunts have near 100-percent success rates and the Table Mountain strategy and expertise pays off big.

Antelope are frequently hunted from blinds set over strategic water holes. Bow hunters should be comfortable shooting from a sitting position at ranges from 20 to 40 yards. A Thermacell can be nice when sitting near a water hole and dark clothing will help conceal movement inside the blind.

Mule deer are hunted using a combination of waterhole blind locations and spot and stalk strategies. Alternating between these two strategies gives our hunters the best of both worlds – the comfortable, fixed location of a ground blind and the excitement of a spot and stalk hunt. In either case, having a mature mule deer buck in your bow sights is a heart-pounding experience! On a mule deer bow hunt, consider bringing an extra pair of heavy wool socks for stalking and face paint to reduce the glare of your skin.

Other gear considerations for an archery hunt include a reliable range finder and quality binoculars with a comfortable chest harness.

Rifle Season ExpectationsTable Mountain Deer And Antelope Hunts Are Fast Approaching

Rifle season comes with cooler weather but beautiful sunny days are not uncommon either. Hunters can expect to spend a good deal of time glassing. We use 4WD roads for access but we may get out to do some hunting and glassing on foot, so it’s best to be prepared for both.

Waterproof boots, long underwear and a versatile layering system is ideal. Quality binoculars and riflescope are essential for these hunts. Rifle hunters should also bring a comfortable daypack for time spent on foot away from the vehicles.

Rifle hunters should be prepared to shoot out to 300 yards. Get your rifle sighted and practice as often as possible before the season arrives. Longer shooting abilities are useful but spot and stalk hunts with Table Mountain Outfitters frequently afford a very reasonable range. More importantly, practice from multiple positions, including prone, sitting and kneeling.

Looking Ahead

Our 2020 hunting season is fully booked, but it’s not too soon to begin thinking about plans for 2021. Wyoming preference points for all species will be on sale in July. Preference points you purchase this summer can be used in the 2021 draw. With that in mind, this is a great time to give us a call and reserve your dates for next year. You can call us at 307-632-6352 or send us an email.

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By Zach Lazzari

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