How to Prepare for the Elements on a Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Prepare for a Wyoming Antelope Hunt

April 27th, 2021


The weather in Wyoming changes by the minute. And chasing antelope in open country means you are often exposed to the worst. Heat, wind, cold, rain, snow and sleet are all in the cards. On many days, the weather is downright pleasant in Wyoming’s antelope country. But planning for everything can save your hide when the conditions take a turn.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your next Wyoming hunt:

Bow Hunts

Archery season opens August 15th in some Wyoming units, and you can expect plenty of sun along with the occasional rain storm during the early part of the season. The sun exposure calls for plenty of water, covered skin and lightweight boots to move across the landscape without overheating. Although lightweight, breathable boots help, make sure they provide plenty of protection against thorns, cactus and rocks.

Wyoming Antelope

When September hits, you are still likely to encounter hot daytime temperatures, but the nights will begin to cool down. The daily weather forecast is liable to change at any minute with more wind and the potential for moisture. This is a good time to dress in layers and keep a spare set of warm clothes in your duffel. Plan for cool mornings, hot days and the potential for anything to blow through the region.

Archery hunters can expect to spend long hours in a ground blind, and should pack accordingly. It’s not uncommon to spend part of the day in a t-shirt, and then layer up when the clouds roll in.

Rifle Hunts

The rifle season is a different ball game for Wyoming antelope. Rifle seasons begin in late September in some units, running through the month of October. October in Wyoming brings cold nights, some nice days and more variability in the weather. Rather than combating heat, on many days, you are working between bouts of beautiful fall weather with crisp air and sideways wind blowing snow and sleet. Hope for the nice days, but prepare for the cold ones.

Preparing For The Elements On A Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Bring along waterproof gear and stash your warmest layers in the truck when you head out each morning with your guide. Many days will not require more than your mid-layers but the notorious Wyoming wind can throw a serious chill in the air.

On rifle hunts, especially in the late season, bring along a thermos for hot coffee or tea. Long days spent glassing, or out stalking bucks in cold weather calls for a few extra comforts. That thermos of hot coffee at the truck is the perfect way to celebrate after a memorable day in the field.

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Hunting Antelope in Wyoming

By Zach Lazzari | Photos by Ryan McSparran

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