Preparing for a Table Mountain Archery Hunt

Preparing For A Table Mountain Archery Hunt

May 15th, 2020


By Zach Lazzari

Archery hunters with Table Mountain Outfitters enjoy exceptional opportunity rates with 90-100% opportunity for antelope, mule deer and elk. Each species is a little bit different and archery hunters should prepare for some specific scenarios. Clothing, equipment and shooting abilities all play into preparing for a successful hunt.

Hunting from a Blind

Antelope hunts are largely conducted from strategic blind locations set over waterholes. Mule deer archery hunts also rotate between blind locations and spot and stalk style hunts. Hunting from the blind often places you within comfortable shooting rage and shots at 20-30 yards are not uncommon. Shooting accurately out to 40 or 50 yards however is ideal. The extra range is handy when a big buck is cagey about moving directly to the water.

Blind hunts are more casual in terms of camouflage clothing and comfort is really the name of the game. Wear dark, breathable clothing. Consider bringing a Thermacell and a good book. You’ll need to be ready to sit for several hours at a time while waiting on a mature buck. Prepare to sit in the heat before the right opportunity presents itself.

Preparing For A Table Mountain Archery Hunt

Spot and Stalk

Spot and stalk techniques are employed for mule deer and elk. Elk in the rut are especially vulnerable and often respond to calls, opening short distance shots. Make sure you are absolutely dialed at different ranges and be proficient at longer shots for those tricky bulls and open country mule deer that hold outside of short distance range. While many shot opportunities will be under 50 yards, practicing at longer distances can sharpen your skills.

We highly recommend four or five-pin archery sight with pins set from 20 to 50 yards or a multi-pin adjustable site. We’ve seen many missed opportunities because of single pin sights. In these quickly unfolding situations, animals can appear unpredictably at different ranges and there’s simply no time to adjust a single pin. For more information, please see our previous article about single pin sights.

Clothing is important for spot and stalk hunting.  Make sure the clothing you’re wearing is quiet and comfortable. A lightweight neck gaiter can double as a facemask and be used to keep the sun off your neck on hot days.  Make sure your boots are ones that you have already broken in before you arrive.  Nothing is worse than breaking in a new pair of boots on your hunt. Archery mule deer hunters may want to bring a pair of thick socks for stalking.

2019 Elk

Fine Tuning

Get your bow dialed well ahead of the hunt and shoot every day if possible. You should be comfortable grabbing the bow and shooting from different positions with reliable accuracy. Blind hunts offer a more controlled environment but shooting off a knee or at odd angles is often required on a spot and stalk hunt.

When you arrive, you’ll have opportunities to shoot your bow onsite to ensure nothing has been knocked loose during travel. We have a variety of block and 3D targets to get you ready ahead of the hunt.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to explore the rest of our website to learn more about guided hunts with Table Mountain Outfitters.

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