4 Things to Know About Mule Deer Hunts with Table Mountain

Mule Deer Hunt With Table Mountain Outfitters

March 18th, 2023


At Table Mountain Outfitters, our mule deer hunts offer an enjoyable and unique experience. We are fortunate to lease some of Wyoming’s vast private-land ranches, where quality habitat, combined with exclusive access, and unpressured mule deer, create an incredible hunting experience.

But while having private access to unpressured areas is an advantage, hunting mature mule deer bucks is always a challenge! Our hunting guides love hunting this big, Wyoming country and every year we look forward to introducing clients to the whole experience.

Guided Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

Resident and Migratory Deer

You will encounter resident deer that like to utilize specific types of terrain. They frequently bed in the tall sage and sparse timber but feed through canyons and open country where glassing them from a distance is ideal.

Glassing mule deer and looking for mature bucks is flat-out fun. When our guides set up in strategic glassing locations, we can take our time and watch the mule deer behaving naturally. While they are always aware of predators, the lack of other hunting pressure means we can often take the time to judge trophy quality and plan the stalk.

Wyoming is also well known for deer migrations. These migratory groups or individuals can throw a wildcard into the mix. You never know on any given day what new deer will be working through this country. In addition to the healthy resident populations, our guides are always aware that a new buck could show up anytime throughout the season.

Mule Deer Hunts With Table Mountain

Knowledge of the Area

Despite the vast and sprawling nature of these Wyoming landscapes, we’re fortunate to have long-term relationships with the landowners of these leases. That means our guides get to know this country well. We know from years of experience the way mule deer move and use the topography.

When you arrive on a hunt with Table Mountain Outfitters, our guides can’t wait to get out in the field with you. You can feel confident, knowing that we know this landscape intimately. In fact, our hunters enjoy a 100% opportunity rate and 95%-100% success rate on deer hunts. We believe that speaks volumes.

Mule Deer Hunting in Wyoming

We Love Archery Hunts

You may find that many outfitters aren’t crazy about archery hunting, even if they offer bow hunts. Here at Table Mountain Outfitters, we’re passionate archery hunting. And our guides love the bow seasons.

Archery mule deer hunts are a little different than the rifle seasons. We take a two-pronged approach to these hunts. We split our time between spot-and-stalk tactics and hunting over water. Getting both of these experiences adds to the enjoyment and to our hunter’s success.

Water is a critical resource during the archery season and setting up over water can be a very effective strategy. Blinds strategically set over water help archery hunters harvest some great bucks every year. The resident deer populations are highly dependent on water sources. We take advantage of these patterns to get within archery range.

On days when we’re not sitting over water, we enjoy spot-and-stalk archery tactics. Glassing for mule deer bucks and then planning a stalk is a big thrill. You may feel like your heart is pounding right out of your chest as you carefully stalk within range of a bedded mule deer buck. If you’re an archery hunter and you’ve never experienced a western mule deer hunt, this must be on your list!

Archery Mule Deer Hunt With Table Mountain

Rifle Hunts

A rifle mule deer hunt is the classic western experience. There’s nothing like starting your morning at daylight, looking out across the sagebrush and picking out groups of mule deer. When a big buck is spotted, the game is on!

Glassing this big country is the norm and spotting scopes play a big role during rifle season for field judging bucks at a distance. Rifle hunters can plan on covering some ground, as we work to locate mature bucks, and then close the distance. Ultimately, when we find the buck we want, we’ll make a stalk to get within comfortable shooting range.

The weather this time of year is unpredictable in Wyoming. Rifle hunters should be prepared for sun, snow and everything in between.

Hunting Mule Deer

Contact Us With Questions

Have additional questions about mule deer hunts in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters? Take a moment to look over our Deer Hunting Page. Our website includes a price list and other details.

Our deer hunts are already booked for the 2021 season. However, it’s never too early to begin thinking about 2022. At a minimum, you should purchase a preference point this year. When the time comes to apply for the tag, we will take care of the application process for you. To get started or to check specific availability, please give us a call at 307-632-6352 or send us a message. We’d love to help you plan a great mule deer hunting adventure!

4 Things To Know About Mule Deer Hunts With Table Mountain

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